This list now includes all classmates, including spouses and significant others, who have RSVP'd via this website, Facebook, or in response to our emails, and also all of those who have purchased tickets to the reunion. The classmates listed have all said that they are either "definite" or "likely" attendees with a few saying "maybe."  

As you can see, we have a lot of work to do.  If you know of classmates who do not appear on this list, please reach out to them and tell them to SAVE THE DATE!  Then direct them to this website and have them RSVP a "yes!"

See you in Sepember...

Guest RSVP'd Purchased Tickets
Alicia Weber (Funk)
Anne Moeser
Barb Rashleigh (Gasparott)
Barb Lindsay (Stafford)
Bill Sophiea
Bob Luxon
Brad Glidden
Brad Skauge
Cathleen Bower (Cooper)
Cerise Rustin (Tounsel)
Charles Cooper
Cheri Adler (Lehto)
Cheryl Stesney
Chris Perrera
Chuck Goode
Chuck Howard
Chuck Moeser
Claudia Janssen (Ogden)
Cynthia Kulick (Cohen)
Daniel Tounsel (Tounsel)
David Childs
David Luttenbacher
David Ruskin
Debbie Eady (Page)
Denise Luxon
Dennis Watson
Diane Spinella (Marsom)
Don McGuire
Donna Lindsay
Donna Stinso (nelson)
Doug Fry
Doug Zorn
Elise Sophiea
Elsa Turk
Frank Hill
Gary Gertley
Gary Young
Georgia Halip (Bingham)
Gerald Connelly
Glen Nelson
Gloria Ruskin
Gordon Wharff
Gregg Cross
Janet Rose (Gardner)
Janice Souder (Waters)
Jeff Sharon Binah Milinsky (Axelrod)
Joanne Fahoome (McGuire)
John Marsom
John Palazzolo
Joseph Sadowski
Joyce Sadowski
Julie Silke
Karen Temple (Czinder)
Karen Swindlehurst (Dunn)
Karen Buxton (Miller)
Karl Uruski
Kay Morris
Kenneth Watt
Kiki Hill
Larry Getsoian
Larry Myers
Larry Stafford
Lauragrace Inman
Laurel Howard
Leonard’ Stesney
Leslie Elmers (Foley)
Linda Fuller (Cross)
Linda Brawner (Richard)
Linda Sage
Lino Gasparott
Loretta Cashman (Ash)
Lynn Fisher (Levin)
Marc Maddox
Margaret Reckart (Raisenan)
Margo Piana (Gualdoni)
Marianne Halonen (Gladhill)
Marilyn Egan (Egan-Bokor)
Mark Vanderlist
Mark Walton
Marsha Loncar (Braun)
Martin Czinder
Marty Neighbors
Mary McGrath (Fry)
Mary Pantanella (Olson)
Maryann Burrows (Thorpe)
Maryanne Thorpe
Maureen Greenwald (schiffman)
Michael Foley
Michael Walewski
Mike Gardner
Mike Pernack
Nancy Godoshian (Panaretos)
Neil Lehto
Pat Cain
Pat Townley (Josey)
Patricia Aberlich
Patricia Eldred (Myers)
Paul Gifford
Paul Gualdoni
Ralph Moon
Reed Olson
Richard Cain
Richard Connell
Rick Levitt
Robert Sage
Robert Shimp
Rosemary Hornak
Sharene Screws
Sharon Milinsky
Shelly Maxim (Fink)
Sonja DeBerg
Steve Bodner
Steve Braun
Steven Ash
Susan Luttenbacher
Susan Dowling (Neighbors)
Susan Morton (Walton)
Suzanne Suzanne Flood (Palazzolo)
Tim Ransome
Tim Warner
Tom Funk
Tom Hunt
Tonya Shimp
Vicki Copeland (Perrera)
Virginia Whitworth (Riddle)
William White
Total 87 82